Carson Taare

2019 was a very busy year for Carson Taare. He received NZ’s Variety Artists Club Rising Star Award, was a special guest performer with the New Glenn Miller Orchestra on tour in NZ, performed with Gray Bartlett, Mark Dennison and Sonny Curtis at Nashville’s CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee and squeezed in a couple of performances in Texas.

Carson had previously toured Hong Kong and Shanghai with the NZSS Choir and will tour Germany and the Czech Republic with the Choir in April and May 2020 before heading back to Nashville and Texas.

Although still in his teens, this 6’ 4” New Zealander is taking his music around the world.   He plays piano and guitar and his vocal range and versatility allow him to sing everything from light opera, pop, country, folk, and barbershop quartet styles of music. He performed with Sonny Curtis and Gray Bartlett at the 2019 CMA Fest in Nashville and was invited to perform with the New Glenn Miller Orchestra when the orchestra toured New Zealand.

In 2018 Carson performed with the NZSS Choir in Hong Kong and Shanghai and toured Germany and the Czech Republic with the Choir.

“Carson has a magical personal style of singing, and extraordinary guitar and piano playing ability.  He has impressed all media, and public alike in a very short time, with encore audiences and now his first USA visit to perform in Fort Worth Texas and Nashville Tennessee await. All agents in the USA have been attracted to his unique ability to win over audiences, with his youthful honesty and freshness, and by being just CARSON! “ — Gray Bartlett