Craig Robertson & 43 Holes

Craig Robertson & 43 Holes

Singer/Songwriter Craig Robertson was born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1953.

The house was always full of music – there was no television – varying from classic tenors, show music, and a lot of country. 78′ records of Tex Morton, through to Hank Williams and Bill Sevesi, were the ones played most often.

From six years old, playing on a  ukulele, singing “I’m saving my money” was the start. In 1966 the family moved to New Plymouth. Craig sang as a boy in the various talent quests, and from the Taranaki Winter Show in 1967, was made an offer to tour with Lou and Simon on their tenth anniversary tour.

Early in 1968 Craig moved back to Auckland and played regularly with Rusty Greaves and his boys. He worked around Auckland and New Zealand with bands ‘The Sett’ and ‘Beau Henri’. In 1975, Craig received management from Benny Levin and Russell Clark after a series of performances on “Opportunity Knocks”, singing the ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’. Craig appeared on music shows such as “Ready to Roll”, the “New Faces” showcase, and “Beside the Seaside”. More and more, the desire to play ‘just country’ grew, and in 1978, Craig left for Melbourne and became a founding member of Gene Fisk’s “White Lightning Band”. This ‘gig’ lasted 8 years, and by which time Craig was the only remaining original member.

In 1989, having finished in the top ten in 1988, Craig won the prestigious ‘Star Maker’ title in Tamworth – the first non-Australian to win, until 2013. The single ‘Can we try again’, co-written with Wayne Morrison, received three ‘final five’ nominations in the 1990 Gold Guitar awards, a record for a single on debut. Craig made another mark then, as the first Star Maker (record nominations aside) to win nothing. Craig continued to work extensively in Australia.

In 1997, Craig returned home to live in New Zealand. He formed the band “43 Holes”, and continues to work here, where he can. Craig has recorded two albums, both at Enrec Studios in Tamworth, Australia. The first, “Swinging Out Of Love”  has done very well over many years. The second, “Opposite Side Of The World” was released in 2012, and is doing very well. A composite 4-track album, recorded through Stebbing in Auckland, is also available, titled “Heartland”. A tribute to Tex Morton is in production to be released soon, due to its reception when performed by Craig on the ‘Roll of Renown’ show in Tamworth, 2013. And so it goes on.